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Michael Metzger

Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Metzger is the Herzberg-Dahn Chair and Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science (since 2021). As a senior research engineer for Robert Bosch LLC in Sunnyvale, California, Dr. Metzger focused on solid-state lithium batteries (2017-2020). At the Technical University of Munich, Dr. Metzger developed new methods to study the lifetime and aging of lithium-ion batteries in close collaboration with BASF and BMW (2013-2017). At Dalhousie University, Dr. Metzger leads a diverse group of young researchers that work on advanced lithium- and sodium-ion batteries. He is one of three principal investigators in the Dalhousie-Tesla research partnership on long-lived, high-energy density and low-cost batteries. This is the only academic research partnership of Tesla worldwide.

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