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What We Offer
Our Students and Postdocs.


Strong industrial partnership with Tesla

Our lab has an exclusive research partnership with Tesla. Our students benefit from this partnership and have opportunities to intern at Tesla's various R&D locations throughout the world including right here in Halifax at the Tesla Canada facility.


Close mentorship and support

We all love to discuss science and have an open door for informal chats and to discuss new ideas. All students from summer research interns to postdoctoral fellows are welcome to contribute to our work in a collaborative environment.


International and inclusive team that values diversity

Our group consists of students from all over the world. We frequently get together outside the lab for group dinners and social activities. You will find us at Morris East Pizza Shop celebrating each others discoveries in the lab. We also have a lab soccer and cycling team.


Research topics of high practical  relevance

We develop solutions that can be applied to the real world. We have a healthy mix of fundamental science and applied research. Some of our results find application in electric vehicles that are on the road today and we continue to innovate and develop new technologies that help the environment and benefit our society.

We are always looking for talented students to join our group.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in an undergraduate, graduate, visiting research student, Ph.D. or postdoctoral fellow position in our group.

Please remember to include your CV and academic transcripts when reaching out.

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