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“Not only are our batteries 'high energy', it’s also the style of work we have here at Dalhousie University.”


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The Globe and Mail by Ivan Semeniuk

Charged up: Canadianscientists are in a race tomake the nextbreakthrough in batterytech


The Peak Podcast

How Batteries Work And The Innovation That Could Make Them Better

The Peak.png

Automotive News Canada

Dalhousie University gets $20M investment for battery innovation centre


The Logic

Tesla backs Dalhousie lab to fill gap in battery supply chain

The Logic.PNG

CBC News

First-in-Canada battery lab coming to Dalhousie University

Brett CBCNews.PNG

Dal News

Powering up: First‑in‑Canada battery innovation centre to provide critically needed facility for research and industrial development


Mainstreet NS with Jeff Douglas

$5M federal grant to help Dalhousie University open battery production facility


The Globe and Mail by Ivan Semeniuk

Batteries, genomes and climate satellites to share in $515-million for Canadian labs


Newstalk Tonight iHeartRadio

Explained: Battery Tech Breakthrough


ARD Wer Weiss Denn Sowas? (German Television)

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The Electrochemical Society

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