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Tom Bötticher

Visiting Research Student

I completed my B. Sc. (2020) in Chemistry at the University of Kiel and am now a M. Sc. Chemistry student at the University of Muenster (WWU). During my studies, I took different battery and electrochemistry courses and worked at Volkswagen's Battery R&D Department on the thermal analysis of battery cell components. My research as a visiting student in the Metzger Group focuses on improving the understanding of electrolytes and the self-discharge of LFP cells. My overall goal is to help make the world more sustainable. I believe that batteries will play a big role in the ongoing shift to renewables, which is necessary to fight climate change. In my spare time I work as a science communicator, graphic designer, and video editor. I create and host content on different science related social media channels. Also, I designed this website!

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